Nick Hong

Joined Eaze

“I’ve worked with a few technical recruiting firms since graduating App Academy in 2013. Almost all of them left a bad taste in my mouth – they tend to push you to interview at places you aren’t interested in, try to trick you into disclosing salary expectations that compromises your compensation negotiating position, and hassle you night and day to take offers in order to get their cut. Working with TalentMatch was like a breath of fresh air. It made me feel like they were on my side throughout the process. TalentMatch found interesting companies to talk to, relevant to my previous experiences in both domain and technology stack. She gathered feedback throughout the interview process and sent me feedback that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. One piece of feedback from the Eaze interview process encouraged me to send in a personal follow-up note to the CTO. That note got me an offer there, one that I was free to negotiate and wasn’t wrangled or hassled into accepting. Taking the Eaze offer has allowed me to transition from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer to Engineering Manager, in a great engineering culture that I can see weaving in and out of the rest of my career. I finally get what it’s like to have a work family. I’m thankful for TalentMatch. It’s given me the best job I’ve ever had.”

Benjamin Lee

Senior Software Engineer

“Working with TalentMatch has been a very positive experience. Marie presented many interesting opportunities and also followed up in a very timely manner. Thanks to her efforts, I landed a new job as a senior frontend engineer. I would not hesitate to work with TalentMatch again.”

Matt Petrie


“I came to TalentMatch with specific goals and interests for my next career move. They really listened to what was important to me for my next role, which resulted in quickly matching me with a company that was a perfect fit! They also worked closely with me during every step of the hiring process, so I always felt that I was entering every interview well-prepared. I’d highly recommend TalentMatch to anyone looking for their next career opportunity.”

Aarushi Jain

Joined YouTube

“TalentMatch was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would 100% recommend others to take advantage of their connections.”

Rob Kayson

Software Engineer

“My experience with TalentMatch was phenomenal. I was down and out. I sent 170 cold applications which lead nowhere. TalentMatch got me interviews with 3 companies and a job at an awesome company. It was an amazing having an ally like TalentMatch during my job search.”

Matt Corley

Software Engineer

“I enthusiastically recommend TalentMatch–it’s Iike but composed of people who actually understand your strengths and weaknesses as an a/A grad, and with a much higher premium placed on personal attention. I feel privileged to have had their help in navigating the hiring process.”

Beck Nygard

Software Engineer

“TalentMatch took almost all the legwork out of getting a job, not to mention the stress. Rather than worrying about applications and impersonal phone screens, I was able to sit down and get to know a company whose values matched mine. They really did their homework, and helped me find a fantastic opportunity that I certainly would not have discovered on my own.”

Brandt Sheets

Joined YouTube

“The TalentMatch platform enabled me to reach out directly to hiring managers and express my interest in specific roles. This approach yielded far more interviews during my job search than applying on a company’s website and ultimately led me to an exciting position at YouTube! Due to my experience, I highly recommend TalentMatch to job seekers and employers alike.”