We are looking for a full-stack developer who can work with us shoulder to shoulder over the next on both the frontend and backend development side. Here are some tasks related to the project but can get more specific if we meet and find the right person or people:

(1) Responsible for development of a cutting-edge UI application for the analytics platform
(2) Design, develop, maintain, and enhance systems based on business requirements using approved technologies and coding standards
(3) Utilize pure HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Nodes JS, React, Ruby, Angular, Python, and/or company’s approved interactive JavaScript charts
(4) Build frontend, AWS, and Backend focused on engaging the users of an application or website
(5) Ensure design consistency with best practices and standards for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility
(6) Support integration of front-end and application business layer in the project structure
(7) Maintain code quality through unit testing
(8) Conduct usability testing to resolve interface problems
(9) Communicate with project manager to gather accurate specifications