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We’re on a mission to bring an end to recruiting fees

Recruiting is Broken

Unfortunately, the recruiting industry has not changed much since its origins during World War 2. Back then it took a lot of human capital to source, screen and make placements. So it made sense that recruiting firms charged high fees to cover these costs. Now, times have changed.

Technology Means Change

Software has allowed us to become more productive than ever. Yet recruiting firms still charge hefty sums to connect job seekers to jobs. We’re not sure why. However, what we do know is this old recruitment method has some major flaws.

The Old Way is Not Working

For Employers, paying recruiting fees is a last resort. Today companies first choice is to bring on internal recruiters (if possible) or offer referral fees to current employees rather than pay hefty fees. For Software Engineers, when an agency charges a recruitment fee, their clients’ job prospects are automatically limited to the number of companies that are willing to pay recruiting fees. Thus the opportunity is limited.

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